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Vinnie Potestivo Brings his Winning Methods to Modern Media

S2 E32 • Aug 17, 2023 • 42 mins

Vinnie Potestivo is an Emmy® Award-winning Media Advisor who helps clients leverage their media exposure, find fame, and make impact. Originally, this episode was slated for my Truth Tastes Funny podcast, and indeed Vinnie and I talk plenty about the rollercoaster of life on Earth; but our conversation leaned so much toward media and the business of celebrity today that I moved it over to YES, BRAND. Furthermore, it was Vinnie who suggested I use the phrase "YES, BRAND Method" when referring to how I work with clients...and this seemed like the right homage to his way with branding!

Key Points

  • The Yes Brand method involves helping brands find their humorous side and become more real and irreverent with themselves as an exercise.
  • Vinny Potestivo, a media advisor and Emmy award winner, helps clients leverage media exposure, find fame by creating opportunities to be celebrated by their super fans, and make an impact, often focusing on distribution strategies.
  • The podcasting industry is seen as a growth-oriented medium where content creators have the freedom to own and distribute their content, contrasting with the more restrictive and retention-focused nature of traditional television broadcasting.

Find Vinnie:

@vinniepotestivo @ihaveapodcast

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