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YES, BRAND with Hersh Rephun
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Hersh Rephun

Jeff Greenfield: The Truth About The Cookie Collapse

S3 E38 • Mar 7, 2024 • 34 mins

With all the privacy changes, what worked yesterday will not work tomorrow. Provalytics has innovated "cookieless" privacy-compliant marketing attribution for brands, and here, Hersh Rephun chats with Jeff Greenfield about the changing landscape of digital marketing. They explore the impact of privacy laws, the role of AI in marketing, strategies for visibility and retention, and managing the "cookie apocalypse". The conversation also touches on work-life balance, the benefits of Provalytics for marketers, and the importance of staying updated in the industry.

Key Points

  • Bayesian AI, which has been around since the 1700s, is effective because it processes and reacts to information similarly to human reasoning, making rapid, informed predictions based on historical data and trends.
  • Branded entertainment can be a powerful marketing tool when it authentically engages with a target audience, as demonstrated by successful campaigns like the reality TV show "Hottest Mom in America" and the church choir competition "How Sweet the Sound."
  • With the impending "cookie apocalypse," where tracking technology will be significantly limited due to privacy laws, brands will need to adapt to new measurement methods, and AI offers a solution by filling in the gaps without compromising user privacy.
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