YES, BRAND with Hersh Rephun
YES, BRAND with Hersh Rephun
Welcome to the show where brands take center stage for your edification and entertainment. Known as “The MESSAGE Therapist™,” your host Hersh Rephun is a veteran advertising creative, publicist, and comedian.
Hersh Rephun

Eric Zuley's Amazing Journey: Fun in Branding, and the Art of Monetizing Content

S3 E36 • Feb 22, 2024 • 47 mins

In this episode, Hersh Rephun chats with Eric Zuley about his journey into the world of music and entertainment, his transition into branding, and the FUN side of business! They delve into product placement, monetizing content, and the model of EZway TV. Trust in brand building and Zuley's favorite aspects of working in PR are also explored. Plus: Freestyle Rapping!

Key Points

  • Eric Zuley emphasizes the importance of creating engaging content that connects with audiences and leads to potential monetization opportunities through capturing contacts and follow-ups.
  • Building a trusted brand is essential for closing sales, as customers often research and seek credibility and validation before making purchasing decisions.
  • Monetizing content involves strategic positioning, capturing viewer information, and effectively following up to convert views and engagement into revenue.

Eric Zuley 22 time award winning entreprentainer and best selling author of The Influence Effect with contributors in the book like Sharon Lechter, Sir James Dentley JD3TV, Kate Linder from Young and The Restless, Frank Shankwitz Creator Make A Wish Foundation just to name a few. He js the founder/CEO of eZWay Network which is the hun for his promotions agency, tv, podcast network, magazine, social network and directory reaching millions. With over 2500 high quality happy members. Mr Zuley has been seen on NBC, Fox, ABC, CBS, TMZ, Washington Times, E! And has been featured in over 13 magazine covers like Hollywood Weekly Magazine, Influential People, Your Success, just to name a few… Eric hosted The EZ Show which produced 52 episodes and EZ TALK LIVE with 99 episodes which has been viewed on KDOC, KXLA, Roscoes Chicken and Waffles TV and more! Eric has over 22 years of experience promoting and branding businesses and now created a simpler way to automate it. Eric has mastered the art of turning content into cash, data into dollars and relationships into results!

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