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YES, BRAND with Hersh Rephun
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Hersh Rephun

There's No F*cking Around with Dr. Amanda Barrientez

S2 E25 • May 11, 2023 • 22 mins

In this episode, Hersh Rephun and Dr. Amanda Barrientez delve into the fear money mindset, the NFA money formula, and the role of unconscious programming. They discuss three common money blocks and examine subconscious beliefs that affect attitudes towards money. The episode also highlights Dr. Barrientez's book "I'm a Money Magnet" and the importance of branding in business growth.

Key Points

  • People often hold subconscious money blocks that stem from early programming, with common beliefs being that money is bad, scarce, or causes stress.
  • Dr. Amanda Barrientes' NFA Money Formula to overcome these blocks involves a three-step process: recognize, reframe, and repeat to reprogram.
  • Building a strong personal brand and learning effective marketing and copywriting are crucial for scaling a business and achieving financial success.

If you know me at all, you know that I use profanity with intent, never just for s***s and giggles. My guest on Episode 25 of the YES, BRAND podcast is Dr. Amanda Barrientez - aka "The Money Healer" - founder of the brand called NFA - No Fucking Around - Money, and creator of the NFA Money Mama Mastermind. She’s an international bestselling author and speaker, the host of The Woman Entrepreneur Podcast and the NFA Money YouTube Channel. She's been featured on over 150 podcasts, sharing tips on how to uplevel your money mindset to manifest easier money in your business. After going from food stamps to building a 6-figure business fast.

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Check out her proven 3-step formula to begin reprogramming your money mindset now:

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